Library Cards are available to Rochelle Park residents.

Steps to Apply for a Library Card

  • Visit the Rochelle Park Free Public Library

  • Present Valid ID with proof of residency within Rochelle Park

    • A drivers licence or NJ state ID is acceptable

  • Once approved, you will receive a Rochelle Park Free Public Library card

  • Patrons may use their library cards at any of the 77 BCCLS libraries to borrow materials and access services

  • Materials include, Books, E-Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, Movies, Music and MORE!

What if your License Does Not have a Rochelle Park Address?

If your license does not have your Rochelle Park address, please bring any of the following items:

  • A utility bill

  • A cable bill

  • A lease or deed to confirm your residency requirement

Can Children Apply for Library Cards?

  • Children may also register for a card

  • Parents or Guardians must be willing to sign for responsibility of borrowed items and any late fees

Can I apply online for a Library Card?

Patrons may apply for a library card online, but please note that residency must be confirmed in person at the library.

Already have a library card?

You can access your BCCLS account here.