Logged-On Library: Libby for OverDrive

While the Rochelle Park Library is closed for our remodel, we will be sharing some tips and tricks to accessing the digital services available to you thanks to your BCCLS library card.

Libby by OverDrive is one of several options for borrowing from eBCCLS. With Libby, you can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks for free using your BCCLS library card.

By visiting the Meet Libby homepage you can learn more about the app and where you can access it.

Note: All further directions are related to the Libby App for iPhone. However, the Libby interface should be very similar on any device you are using.

First, go to your devices App Store and download Libby by OverDrive. Once you download the app, you’ll want to search for your library.


Once you search for and select your library, you’ll enter your BCCLS Account login information so you can start checking out books.

Not sure what your library card login information is? Check out our post on accessing your BCCLS Account.


Once you’ve logged in, you can look for specific content in the search bar at the top of the screen, or you can check out some of the suggestions Libby offers -- such as genre specific searches, popular content, and more.

Once you’ve searched for the title you’re looking for, you can even sort search results using format, language, or other details.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, Libby will let you know if the item is available. Like all library books, only a certain number of people can read a Libby item at a time.

If the item is not available, you can place a hold on it, and Libby will let you know when the item will be available.


By clicking on the “Shelf” button at the bottom left of the screen, you can review the items you have out as well as any holds you’ve placed.

On the “Loan” shelf, you’ll be able to see what items you have out, select the content you would like to use, and return or renew items.

On the “Holds” shelf, you’ll be able to see when your books will be automatically borrowed to your account, or to cancel your loans if you no longer want them.


If you “Open” one of your items, you’ll be able to see how far into the text you are, make bookmarks, and even control the speed at which your audiobook plays.

The bookmarks, chapters, and other settings will also be available to eBooks and other digital content

For more information about Libby by OverDrive, you can also visit the eBCCLS OverDrive home page.

With any further questions please feel free to Contact Us or visit the eBCCLS OverDrive troubleshooting page.

For more information about our remodel, check back here or take a look at our Facebook and Instagram accounts.